I code to learn, to satisfy my mind’s curiosity. When I have a grasp of a subject, I love to teach it to others. I dream to be paid for teaching others. Here’s my best effort at that so far:

If any of my work has helped you, it would be greatly appreciated you help me with a contribution using the options below

Contribution Options:

Please consider contributing if:

  • One of my projects or videos helped you
  • You want me to add features to something I made
  • You have a request of a subject you’d like me to touch on
  • You want to buy me a coffee or beer
  • You want to make my day
  • You’re interested in many of the perks below:

Benefits of your support:

  • Draft feature requests for my projects
  • Help choose which content I develop!
  • You can help contribute to my livelihood
  • Contributors have the option to video chat with me, and talk about a range of subjects.

Topics I’m familiar with:

  • Working at Google
  • Living in Silicon Valley
  • Python coding
  • Going back to school in your late 20s.
  • Job Interviewing / Resume Preparation
  • Working in IT state-level academia, ivy-league academia
  • Working for tech startups / small / medium businesses / self-owned business
  • Opening your own business / consulting for a living
  • Life advice / Career advice for IT support
  • Wacky and complicated music recommendations

Thank you!